State of Florida Business Licensing

Occupations Which Require A State Issued License

The State of Florida requires that businesses acquire certain licenses and/or permits in order to conduct business. Depending on what type of occupation you’re engaged in you may need to apply for one or more state licenses. Fees will vary according to the nature of its services. Lacking the proper licenses may lead to fines or ultimately the closure of the business.

Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation


The Department of Business and Professional Regulation is the state agency charged with licensing and regulating businesses and professionals in the State of Florida, such as cosmetologists, veterinarians, real estate agents and pari-mutuel wagering facilities. 


Alcoholic Beverages & Tobacco

Architecture & Interior Design

Asbestos Contractors and Consultants

Athlete Agents



Boxing, Kick Boxing & Mixed Martial Arts

Building Code Administrators and Inspectors

Certified Public Accounting

Child Labor

Community Association Managers and Firms

Condominiums & Cooperatives

Construction Industry


Drugs, Devices and Cosmetics

Electrical Contractors

Elevator Safety

Employee Leasing Companies


Farm Labor


Harbor Pilots

Home Inspectors

Hotels and Restaurants

Labor Organizations

Landscape Architecture

Mobile Homes

Mold-Related Services

Pari-Mutuel Wagering

Real Estate

Real Estate Appraisers

Talent Agencies


Veterinary Medicine

Yacht and Ships

Health Care Professional Licenses

The Florida Department of Health licenses physicians, nurses and health care professionals as well as certain regulated facilities such as massage establishments and dental labs.

911 Public Safety Telecommunicator


Advanced Register Nurse Practitioner

Anesthesiologist Assistant

Athletic Trainer


Emergency Allergy Treatment

Body Piercer/Operator

Certified Chiropractic Physician Assistant

Certified Environmental Professional

Certified Master Social Work

Certified Nurse Specialist

Certified Nursing Assistant

Certified Podiatric X-Ray Assistant

Certified Respiratory Therapist

Chiropractic Physician

Clinical Laboratory Personnel

Clinical Social Worker

Dental Hygienist




Emergency Medical Technician

Hearing Aid Specialist

Licensed Practical Nurse

Marriage and Family Therapist

Massage Therapist

Medical Doctor

Medical Physicist

Mental Health Counselor


Nursing Home Administrator

Occupational Therapist

Occupational Therapy Assistant



Orthotic Fitter

Orthotic Fitter Assistant


Osteopathic Physician




Pharmacy Technician

Physical Therapist

Physical Therapist Assistant

Physician Assistant

Podiatric Physician



Radiologic Technologist

Registered Chiropractic Assistant

Registered Nurse

Registered Respiratory Therapist

School Psychologist

Septic Tank Contractor

Speech-Language Pathologist

Body Piercing Salon

Brain and Spinal Cord Injury

Counterfeit-proof Prescription Vendors

Dental Laboratories

Electrology Facility

Electrolysis Training Programs

EMS Vehicle Permitting

EMS Education Programs

Environmental Testing Laboratories

Massage Establishment

Massage Schools

Nursing Education Programs

Office Surgery Registration

Optical Establishment

Pain Management Clinics


Trauma System

Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services relates to agriculture, protects the environment, safeguards consumers, and ensures the safety and wholesomeness of food.  This department licenses a large number of business, including the following (for a complete list click here):

Application And Permit To Move Regulated Organisms

Application And Permit To Plant Citrus Pathogen Infected Stock 

Application Bulk Milk Tanker Permit (FDACS-05061)

Application For A Bulk Milk Hauler/sampler Permit (FDACS-05060)

Application For A State-owned Sovereignty Submerged Land (aquaculture) Lease (FDACS-15102)

Application For A Water Vending Machine Operating Permit (FDACS-14802)

Application For Agency License (FDACS-16022)

Application For Agriculturial Products Dealer License (FDACS-06302)

Application For Aircraft Registration (FDACS-13354)

Application For Annual Florida State License-frozen Desserts (FDACS-05016)

Application For Approved Commercial Production Swine Heard Health Plan (FDACS-09153)

Application For Approved Tagging Site And Tagging Site Manager (FDACS-09254)

Application For Beekeeping Registration (FDACS-08176)

Application For Branch Agency License (FDACS-16025)

Application For Brand Certificate Renewal (FDACS-09012)

Application For Brand Certificate Renewal-second Notice (FDACS-09099)

Application For Brand Record (FDACS-09011)

Application For Certificate Of Registration (FDACS-08004)

Application For Certification Certified Industry Tanker Inspector (FDACS-05062)

Application For Citranet Database Access (FDACS-07033)

Application For Class "di" Security Officer Instructor Or Class "ri" Recovery Agent Instructor (FDACS-16014)

Application For Commercial Pesticide Applicator License (FDACS-13310)

Application For Designation As An Equine Infectious Anemia Approved Quarantine Premises (FDACS-09202)

Application For Emergency Pest Control Certificate (FDACS-13603)

Application For Equine Event Extension (FDACS-09078)

Application For Equine Interstate Passport (FDACS-09219)

Application For Export Certification Report (FDACS-14219)

Application For Fair Permit (FDACS-06100)

Application For Feed Master Registration (FDACS-13244)

Application For Fertilizer License (FDACS-13222)

Application For Firearms Instructor License - Class "k" (FDACS-16020)

Application For Florida Farm Winery Certification (FDACS-06602)

Application For Freshnet Database Access (FDACS-07120)

Application For Hauler Database (FDACS-07014)

Application For Inclusion To The Noxious Weed List (FDACS-08215)

Application For Limited Certification For Urban Landscape Commercial Fertilizer (FDACS-13677)

Application For Livestock Market License (FDACS-06305)

Application For Manager License - Class "m", "ma", "mb", "mr" (FDACS-16021)

Application For Negative Eia Test Verification Card (FDACS-09206)

Application For New Or Amended Brand Pesticide Registration (FDACS-13342)

Application For Participation Caribbean Fruit Fly Protocol (FDACS-08161)

Application For Permit As A Distributer Milk And Milk Products Or Frozen Deserts (FDACS-05071)

Application For Permit As Bulk Hauler Or Hauling Service (FDACS-05012)

Application For Permit As Dealer In Milk And Milk Products (FDACS-05019)

Application For Permit As Milk Producer (FDACS-05026)

Application For Permit To Collect Non-prohibited Aquatic Plants (FDACS-08450)

Application For Permit To Transport Animal Carcasses/refuse (FDACS-09056)

Application For Pest Control Employee I.d. Card (FDACS-13606)

Application For Pest Control Examination (FDACS-13607)

Application For Pest Control Operator's Certificate And I D Card (FDACS-13608)

Application For Pesticide Dealer License (FDACS-13337)

Application For Premises Registration (FDACS-09215)

Application For Prior Notification Of Pesticide Application (FDACS-13609)

Application For Private Investigator Intern License - Class "cc" (FDACS-16038)

Application For Private Investigator License - Class "c" (FDACS-16018)

Application For Private Pesticide Applicator License (FDACS-13312)

Application For Public Pesticide Applicator License (FDACS-13313)

Application For Re-registration Pesticide Product Brand(s) (FDACS-13501)

Application For Recovery Agent Intern License - Class "ee" (FDACS-16039)

Application For Recovery Agent License - Class "e" (FDACS-16019)

Application For Refund (FDACS-01483)

Application For Registration As Citrus Fruit Dealer's Agent (FDACS-07054)

Application For Registration As Organic Grower (FDACS-07128)

Application For Registration As Scale Operator (FDACS-07052)

Application For Registration As Seed Dealer (FDACS-13204)

Application For Registration Authorized Meter Mechanic (FDACS-03556)

Application For Registration Certificate (FDACS-07042)

Application For Registration Of Specialty Fertilizer (FDACS-13203)

Application For Registration Of Brake Fluid Registration (FDACS-03212)

Application For Registration Of Field Box Mark Or Brand (FDACS-07055)

Application For Registration Of Service Agencies (FDACS-03320)

Application For Registration/authorized Service Agency (FDACS-03019)

Application For Renewal Of Brake Fluid Permit (FDACS-03213)

Application For School Or Training Facility (FDACS-16003)

Application For Security Officer License - Class "d" (FDACS-16007)

Application For Sovereignty Submerged Land Aquaculture Letter Of Consent (FDACS-15138)

Application For Special Permit To Import Sugarcane (FDACS-08083)

Application For Specialty Fertilizer Registration (FDACS-13220)

Application For Statewide Firearm License- Class "g" (FDACS-16008)

Application For Sublease Of A Sovereignty Submerged Land Aquaculture Lease (FDACS-15114)

Application For Validated Swine Brucellosis-free Herd & Pseudorabies Monitored Feeder Pig Herd (FDACS-09092)

Application For Woman Of The Year In Agriculture (FDACS-01597)

Application To Extend An Aquaculture Lease (FDACS-15161)

Application To Introduce Citrus Plants And Citrus Plant Parts (FDACS-08084)

Application To Produce Citrus Nursery Stock (FDACS-08066)

Application To Renew An Aquaculture Lease (FDACS-15160)

Application To Report Tonnage And To Pay Inspection Fee (FDACS-13241)

Application/ Permit To Possess And Cultivate Class Ii Prohibited Aquatic Plants (FDACS-08235)

Application/inspection For Approved Swine Holding Facility (FDACS-09188)

Financial Industry Licensing

The Florida Office of Financial Regulation is the state agency that regulates Florida’s financial services industry and responds to complaints about state chartered banks and financial services providers licensed in the State of Florida. Go here to to learn more.

Insurance Agent and Company Licensing

The Florida Department of Financial Services, Division of Agents and Agency Services licenses insurance agents and agencies. For more information, visit the Insurance Agent and Agency Services by clicking here.

Hunting/Fishing Licenses

Hunting and Fishing Licenses are issued by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC). More information can be obtained online here.

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