Broward County Criminal Law

Broward County Criminal cases can be accessed online at Broward County Clerk of Court's Public Case Search (Felony, Traffic & Misdemeanor) portal. Below are free divorce forms and Court contact information for judges, judicial assistants, and other staff involved in the 17th Judicial Criminal and Drug court system. 

Broward Criminal Court - Circuit Judge Contact Information:

Judge: Paul L. Backman
Judicial Assistant: Pam Coe
Phone Number: (954) 831-7566
Chamber: 5790
Courtroom: 5780
Division: FX

Judge: Martin J. Bidwill Administrative Judge
Judicial Assistant: Barbara Ranalli
Phone Number: (954) 831-7091
Chamber: 6760
Courtroom: 6780
Division: FW

Judge: Bernard L. Bober
Judicial Assistant: Pam Cahill
Phone Number: (954) 831-0661
Chamber: 5910
Courtroom: 5900
Division: FD

Judge: Matthew L. Destry
Judicial Assistant: Claudia Posas
Phone Number: (954) 831-7342
Chamber: 4910
Courtroom: 4900
Division: FY

Judge: Marc H. Gold
Judicial Assistant: Kim Silvaroli
Phone Number: (954) 831-7807
Chamber: 6910
Courtroom: 6900
Division: FG

Judge: David A. Haimes
Judicial Assistant: Christine Kortabani
Phone Number: (954) 831-7755
Chamber: 7910
Courtroom: 7900
Division: FH

Judge: Ilona M. Holmes
Judicial Assistant: Alicia Huff
Phone Number: (954) 831-7797
Chamber: 4820
Courtroom: 4750
Division: FO

Judge: Cynthia G. Imperato
Judicial Assistant: Pamela Desmond
Phone Number: (954) 831-1653
Chamber: 7760
Courtroom: 7750
Division: FJ

Judge: Jeffrey R. Levenson
Judicial Assistant: Carolynne Williams
Phone Number: (954) 831-7817
Chamber: 6850
Courtroom: 6870
Division: FT

Judge: Babara McCarthy
Judicial Assistant: Sabrina Albert
Phone Number: (954) 831-7208
Chamber: 5760
Courtroom: 5750
Division: FF

Judge: Lisa Porter
Judicial Assistant: Marty Johnson
Phone Number: (954) 831-0601
Chamber: 4760
Courtroom: 4780
Division: FA

Judge: Ari Abraham Porth
Judicial Assistant: Stephanie Jean
Phone Number: (954) 831-6905
Chamber: 7790
Courtroom: 7810
Division: FR/FZ

Judge: Michael A. Robinson
Judicial Assistant: Mairale Dyson
Phone Number: (954) 831-7258
Chamber: 6880
Courtroom: 6750
Division: FC

Judge: Lynn Rosenthal
Judicial Assistant: Angelique Barnaby
Phone Number: (954) 831-3599
Chamber: 6790
Courtroom: 6810
Division: FE

Judge: Michael I. Rothschild
Judicial Assistant: Kim Cox
Phone Number: (954) 831-7888
Chamber: 4880
Courtroom: 4870
Division: FB

Judge: Andrew L. Siegel
Judicial Assistant: Denise E. Goodsmith
Phone Number: (954) 831-6348
Chamber: 7880
Courtroom: 7870
Division: FK

Judge: Raag Singhal
Judicial Assistant: Jennifer Castaneda
Phone Number: (954) 831-7704
Chamber: 4790
Courtroom: 4810
Division: FI/FZ

Judge: Michele Towbin Singer
Judicial Assistant: Marie Stewart
Phone Number: (954) 831-7825
Chamber: 6820
Courtroom: 6840
Division: FN

Judge: Michael Usan
Judicial Assistant: Debra Marshall
Phone Number: (954) 831-1678
Chamber: 7820
Courtroom: 7780
Division: FP


Judge: Marcia Beach
Judicial Assistant: Darlene Lengyel
Phone Number: (954) 831-7871
Chamber: 6820
Courtroom: -
Division: FN

Judge: William W. Haury, Jr.
Judicial Assistant: Karena Griffiths
Phone Number: (954) 831-0608
Chamber: 7790
Courtroom: -
Division: FR/FZ


Judge: Melinda Brown
Judicial Assistant: Mirta Perz
Phone Number: (954) 831-7675
Chamber: 460
Courtroom: 465
Division: MA

Judge: Robert F. Diaz
Judicial Assistant: Denise M. Hughes
Phone Number: (954) 831-7783
Chamber: 423
Courtroom: 415
Division: MJ

Judge: Kenneth A. Gottlieb
Judicial Assistant: Jennifer Barbisa
Phone Number: (954) 831-7567
Chamber: 525
Courtroom: 540
Division: MQ

Judge: John Hurley
Judicial Assistant: Marjorie McClain
Phone Number: (954) 831-7615
Chamber: 200
Courtroom: 235
Division: MN

Judge: Ginger Lerner-Wren
Judicial Assistant: JoAnne I. Cappiello
Phone Number: (954) 831-7240
Chamber: 1000
Courtroom: 343
Division: MT/MI

Judge: Mardi Levey Cohen
Judicial Assistant: Claudia Ritter
Phone Number: (954) 831-5842
Chamber: 337
Courtroom: 336
Division: MS

Judge: Olga Levine
Judicial Assistant: Shelly Mears
Phone Number: (954) 831-8503
Chamber: 429
Courtroom: 500
Division: MP

Judge: Kathleen McHugh
Judicial Assistant: Eva Howard
Phone Number: (954) 831-7489
Chamber: 5820
Courtroom: 5810
Division: MV/57

Judge: Edward H. Merrigan, Jr.
Judicial Assistant: Kelly Goins
Phone Number: (954) 831-7671
Chamber: 331
Courtroom: 344
Division: MB/VF

Judge: Joseph A. Murphy III
Judicial Assistant: Priscilla Hart
Phone Number: (954) 831-7706
Chamber: 421
Courtroom: 418
Division: MW

Judge: Christopher W. Pole
Judicial Assistant: Wendy Miller-yost
Phone Number: (954) 831-5597
Chamber: 206
Courtroom: 345
Division: MH

Judge: Gisele Pollack
Judicial Assistant: Bhowana Rhodes
Phone Number: (954) 831-3576
Chamber: 358
Courtroom: 354
Division: ZD/FR

Judge: Mary Rudd Robinson Criminal Chairperson
Judicial Assistant: Donna Lauth
Phone Number: (954) 831-7039
Chamber: 329
Courtroom: 416
Division: MW

Judge: Mindy F. Solomon
Judicial Assistant: Laura Gonzalez
Phone Number: (954) 831-7691
Chamber: 350
Courtroom: 353
Division: MD


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