PLANTATION - The parents of two children living in Palm Beach County sue a towing company and their employee on three counts of auto negligence.

The Plaintiffs, Tara and Wilfredo Riviera, filed a complaint on September 2, 2016 in the 17th Judicial Circuit Court against American Towing, INC., and their employee Pedro Pablo Pedrol alleging Pedro negligently operated or maintained a motor vehicle, owned by American Towing Inc., causing it to collide with Tara's motor vehicle.

 According to the complaint, on September 1, 2015, the Defendant, American Towing, Inc., owned a motor vehicle that was operated with its permission and consent by the Defendant, Pedro, during his scope of employment. Due to his carelessness and negligence, Pedro's vehicle collided with Tara's vehicle in which her two minor children were traveling as passengers.

On the first count, because of Pedro's negligence, Tara sustained injuries including, but not limited to; mental anguish, pain and suffering, and loss of insurability. On the second and third count, Pedro is negligent in causing a collision that injured Tara and Wilfredo's two minors. Their injuries consist of, but aren't limited to; pain and suffering, disability, loss of capacity for the enjoyment of life, and medical expenses. On all three counts, American Towing, Inc. is negligent for giving consent and permission to the negligent driver, Pedro. These losses are either permanent or continuing and the Plaintiff will continue to suffer in the future. 

The Plaintiffs, Tara Riviera and Tara and Wilfredo Riviera as parents guardians of their two minors, demand judgment against Pedro Pablo Pedrol and American Towing, INC. for compensatory damages in the excess of $15,000.00, costs, exclusive interest, attorney fees, and request a trial by jury of all issues. They are represented by Courtney Stafford Hickey, Esq. of The Stafford Firm, P.A. in Lake Worth.

17th Judicial Circuit Court - Broward County - Tara Riviera and Tara and Wilfredo Riviera as Parents Guardians of Their Two Minors - Case Number CACE-16-016307

Source: Broward County Official Clerk of Court Records.

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