HOLLYWOOD - A man filed a four-count complaint on October 26, 2016 against Home Depot USA, Inc, Gerardo Hinojosa, and Mike Eugine.

According to the complaint, the Plaintiff, Salvatore Cupo was lawfully on the property of a Home Depot store in Hollywood on June 23, 2014. He went inside, purchased the items he needed, and left. At no time did he conduct any activity that would give reasonable suspicion or probable cause that he stole anything.

24While walking to his car he was approached by two men who worked for Home Depot's loss prevention. The two men tackled him to the floor, kicking and punching him, and threatening to break his nose. At no time did they specify who they were. They put the Plaintiff in handcuffs and brought him back inside and proceeded the call the police. The police arrived and issued an arrest for petty theft and a Notice to Appear.

As a result of the false charges, Cupo retained a lawyer and defended himself in court. On August 26, 2015, a trial was held and a jury returned a verdict of "not guilty."

Salvatore Cupo holds the Defendant accountable for False Imprisonment, Assault and Battery, Malicious Prosecution, and Negligence. 

The Plaintiffs demand judgment against the Defendant for damages in excess of $15,000, costs, and any other relief the Court may deem appropriate. Additionally, the Plaintiffs are represented by Linda Alley, ESQ. of Lawlor White & Murphey in Fort Lauderdale.

17th Judicial Circuit Court - Broward County - Salvatore Cupo, Jr., et al vs. Mike Eugene, et al - Case Number CACE-16-019648

Source: Broward County Official Clerk of Court Records.

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