Search Results for: City of Margate Homeowners

Sources:Broward County Property Appraiser
Department of Business and Professional Regulation
Florida Division of Corporations
Florida Department of Health
Name Corporate Mailing Address
Abdelkrim H Faroudi 3420 NW 78 AVE
Abdesslam Jerradi 5844 N SABLE CIR
Abdesslam Jerradi 5844 N SABLE CIR
Abdool Ansar Sattar 3397 MERRICK CT # 1109
Abdul Khan 5541 SW 7 PL
Abdul Khan 5541 SW 7 PL
Abdul Khan 5541 SW 7 PL
Abdul Khan 5541 SW 7 PL
Abdul Khan 5541 SW 7 PL
Abdul Khan 5541 SW 7 PL
Abdul Nazir 3299 W BUENA VISTA DR
Abdul Perumkunnathu 3172 NW 72 AVE
Abdul Rashad Sattar 603 S STATE ROAD 7 APT 1B
Abe Ashkinazy 3070 HOLIDAY SPRINGS BLVD #305
Abel Bonilla 7956 NW 1 ST
Abel Torres 6948 NW 9TH ST
Abel Dos Santos Esturilho 611 S STATE ROAD 7 #1-D
Abelardo Del Rio 1080 NW 74 AVE
Aben Antonio De Almar 7220 NW 6 CT
Abigail Ramirez 602 SW 61 TER
Abigail Leigh Brown 6519 AMBERJACK TER
Abigail R Brathwaite 1017 E RIVER DR
Abner Rivera 5199 NW 32 CT
Abraham Cohen 480 NW 76TH AVE APT 402
Abraham Delcid 5700 NW 24 ST
Abraham Feinsilver 480 NW 76TH AVE APT 401
Abraham Givens 6211 NW 2 ST
Abraham Molotch 201 NW 76TH AVE APT 202
Abraham Netkin 1550 NW 80 AVE APT 303
Abraham Rosen 7505 NW 5 PL #203
Abraham Le Paycher 3170 HOLIDAY SPRINGS BLVD #6-210
Abraham R Carey 5820 S SABLE CIR
Abrahim Khan 3220 HOLIDAY SPRINGS BLVD #1-307
Abrym M Roll 4920 S HEMINGWAY CIR
Absonel Norcilien 801 SW 56 AVE
Absonel Norcilien 801 SW 56 AVE
Acedyne Oneus 3332 CONFETTI LN #81-9
Aceefie Nicolas 7650 NW 23 ST
Acefie Nicolas 7650 NW 23 ST
Acefie Nicolas 7650 NW 23 ST
Acelia H/e Estevez 7605 NW 5 CT #108
Achammakutty Jacob 7425 PARKSIDE LANE
Achille Pierre 6020 NW 3 ST
Achilles H/e Joseph 5250 SW 10 CT
Acionia Coelho Dias 1110 NW 80 AVE #6-204
Activita Ulysse 1436 NW 63 TER
Actus Etienne 6562 NW 4 ST
Ada Gomez 815 NW 80 TER
Ada Medina 6570 ROYAL PALM BLVD #111-J
Ada Ortiz 390 SW 66 AVE

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