Search Results for: City of Lauderdale Lakes Homeowners

Sources:Broward County Property Appraiser
Department of Business and Professional Regulation
Florida Division of Corporations
Florida Department of Health
Name Corporate Mailing Address
Althea H/e Smith 4387 NW 42 TER
Althea N H/e Johnson 3286 NW 43 ST
Althera Green 2800 SOMERSET DR UNIT 112-J
Althia C H/e Edwards-howard 2602 NW 47 LANE #2204
Alton Salmon 2270 NW 33 AVE
Alton H/e Sanderson 3001 NW 48 AVE #244
Alton Jr Love 3798 NW 37 ST
Alucia Philogene 3414 NW 32 CT
Alva Mitchell 3001 NW 48 AVE #332
Alva Wallace 3991 NW 46TH WAY
Alva Wallace 3991 NW 46TH WAY
Alva C H/e Ralliford 3100 NW 39TH ST
Alva L Wallace 3991 NW 46TH WAY
Alva S Daniel 5001 NW 43RD CT
Alvestina Dorothy New 2851 SOMERSET DR #106
Alvin Byrd 3317 NW 33 CT
Alvin Rickman 4131 NW 47TH TER
Alvin Rickman 4131 NW 47TH TER
Alvin Vernon 2901 NW 48 AVE UNIT 254
Alvin A Buchanan 3631 NW 33RD AVE
Alvin G Vaughns 2716 NW 34TH TER
Alvin K Feracho 4741 NW 41 CT
Alvina Harris 3700 NW 28 ST
Alvina Harris 3700 NW 28 ST
Alvira L Grant 3401 NW 40TH ST
Alyce J Marshall 5030 NW 42ND ST
Amador G Prada 5001 W OAKLAND PARK BLVD #107
Amaida Romero 3000 NW 48 TER UNIT 131
Amalia M Mattza 3405 NW 48 AVE # 505
Amanda Franklin 3381 NW 33 CT
Amanda Hyndman 4848 NW 24 CT APT 326
Amanda Penaloza 3508 NW 34 ST
Amanda Thompson 3560 NW 34TH TER
Amanda Webster 3682 NW 29 CT
Amania Thompson 3931 NW 32ND AVE
Amber L Rattray 4511 NW 34 CT
Ambreen Farrukh 3231 NW 43RD AVE
Ambreen Farrukh 3231 NW 43 AVE
America Teresa Alvarez 2871 SOMERSET DR UNIT 407
Amerie D Julien 3316 NW 34 ST
Aminthe Dumervil 4130 NW 34TH TER
Amos Desir 5039 NW 41 CT
Amos Moore 3250 NW 21 ST
Amose Dierestil 4060 NW 38 AVE
Amose Guillaume 3363 NW 37 AVE
Amose Le Dierestil 4060 NW 38 AVE
Amparo Carela 2800 SOMERSET DR UNIT 314-J
Amy Petros 2821 SOMERSET DR #416
Amy Willis 3361 NW 47 TER UNIT 327
Amy Lue L Tucker 3131 NW 42 ST

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