Search Results for: City of Lauderdale Lakes Homeowners

Sources:Broward County Property Appraiser
Department of Business and Professional Regulation
Florida Division of Corporations
Florida Department of Health
Name Corporate Mailing Address
Albert J Brown 4445 NW 41ST TER
Albert W Smalling 3720 NW 23 ST
Albert W Le Majava 4170 NW 42 ST
Alberta J Mereus 3344 NW 36TH TER
Albertha Brown 5161 W OAKLAND PARK BLVD #306
Albertha Bryant 2543 NW 49TH AVE APT 103
Albertha Cine 3621 NW 28 CT
Albertha Johnson 4291 NW 42 ST
Albertha Johnson 4291 NW 42 ST
Alberto C Cataldo 2900 NW 46 AVE #210
Alberto C Torres 2901 NW 47 TER UNIT 249-A
Alberto Chavez Ramirez 5111 W OAKLAND PARK BLVD #211
Alberto D Alvarez 4848 NW 24 CT #429
Albina Curik 4801 NW 34 ST UNIT 412
Albina Curik 4801 NW 34 ST #412
Albina Le Filipkowski 4899 NW 26TH CT APT 247
Alda Cole 4300 NW 49 AVE
Alda O Wolfson 4270 NW 40TH ST APT 109
Aldana E Dietl 2850 SOMERSET DR UNIT 315-L
Aldecy P Lobo 3001 NW 48 AVE UNIT 345
Aldemar Caicedo 2901 NW 48 AVE #166
Aldene Peeples 3411 NW 34TH ST
Aldith L Perry 4421 NW 41 TER
Aldo Coniglio 3556 NW 38TH AVE
Aldo Mignardi 2999 NW 48 AVE UNIT 351
Aldo Migniardi 2999 NW 48 AVE UNIT 351
Aldwyn Beckles 3000 NW 48 TER #119
Aleasia Dillon 3999 NW 38 AVE
Alecia A Frazier 4848 NW 24 CT #209
Alejandro Mosquera 2901 NW 48 AVE APT 357
Alene L Tullock 3920 NW 36TH TER
Ales Simon 3316 NW 35 ST
Alessandra Finelli 3990 NW 42 AVE #102
Alessandra Regina Quarteiro 3000 NW 43 TER UNIT 204
Alethea Vassell 3940 NW 42 AVE UNIT 422
Alethia A Windross 2851 SOMERSET DR #314
Alex Dichner 5039 NW 42 ST
Alex Morlando 2881 NW 47 TER APT 109A
Alex Le Est Drangel 3500 NW 48TH AVE APT 407Q
Alexander Bailey 2861 NW 47 TER 102A
Alexander Graham 3720 NW 27TH CT
Alexander Houston 3526 NW 32ND ST
Alexander Houston 3526 NW 32ND ST
Alexander Houston 3526 NW 32ND ST
Alexander Nembhard 4387 NW 42 TER
Alexandre Aurelus 3916 NW 45 AVE
Alexandria Hutchins 3193 NW 40TH ST
Alfonso L Ferguson 4232 NW 38 AVE
Alfred Boola 3949 NW 36TH WAY
Alfred Boola 3949 NW 36TH WAY

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