Search Results for: City of Lauderdale By The Sea Homeowners

Sources:Broward County Property Appraiser
Department of Business and Professional Regulation
Florida Division of Corporations
Florida Department of Health
Name Corporate Mailing Address
Benjamin C Freeny 4555 W TRADEWINDS AVE
Benjamin I Rev Tr Epstein 5100 N OCEAN BLVD #1714
Benjamin J Bittner 4420 W TRADEWINDS AVE
Benjamin P Madonia 1541 S OCEAN BLVD #421
Benjamin R Howard 218 PINE AVE
Berit G Tyler 4900 N OCEAN BLVD APT 1116
Bernadette Holtz 4117 BOUGAINVILLA DR #301
Bernadette Kuhn 1620 S OCEAN BLVD 2-F
Bernadette Lish 4050 N OCEAN DR APT 603
Bernadette M Senape 5200 N OCEAN BLVD UNIT 1008B
Bernadette V Dzierzak 1500 S OCEAN BLVD #1502
Bernard Petreccia 232 OCEANIC AVE
Bernard Petreccia 232 OCEANIC AVE
Bernard Plonowski 1800 S OCEAN BLVD #308
Bernard F Flittner 5100 N OCEAN BLVD APT 415
Bernard H/e Petreccia 232 OCEANIC AVE
Bernard S Forman 5100 N OCEAN BLVD APT 506
Bernhard Eckhardt 255 ALGIERS AVE
Bernhard W Eckhardt 4453 E TRADEWINDS AVE
Bernice Kehoe 1700 E TERRA MAR DR
Bernice Mccall 1748 BEL-AIR AVE
Bertha De Guerinoni 5100 N OCEAN BLVD #414
Bertha Le Watts 255 BOMBAY AVE
Bethania Dewitt 1770 S OCEAN BLVD # 205
Bethany A Johasky 2121 S OCEAN BLVD #702
Betina O Pascual 1900 S OCEAN BLVD #5L
Betsy Brockhurst 2012 TROPIC ISLE
Bette Chafkin 5000 N OCEAN BLVD UNIT 1504
Bette J Goerler 3900 N OCEAN DR #4-A
Betty Blickman 5400 N OCEAN BLVD BLDG I #36
Betty Hammond 5200 N OCEAN BLVD #603
Betty Sedlak 3900 N OCEAN DR UNIT 5A
Betty Louise Putzi 5400 N OCEAN BLVD UNIT 44
Betty M Schmidt 4619 POINCIANA ST #5A
Betty Mae Barbara 266 BOMBAY AVE
Betty S Williams 4900 N OCEAN BLVD APT 413
Beverley Clarke 3230 FIESTA WAY
Beverley R Sterne 5000 N OCEAN BLVD #511
Beverly Ament 1431 S OCEAN BLVD #2
Beverly Diamond 5555 N OCEAN BLVD UNIT 51
Beverly Dombro 5200 N OCEAN BLVD #806
Beverly Howard 263 N TRADEWINDS AVE
Beverly Kearney 5200 N OCEAN BLVD APT 508B
Beverly Kennedy 3240 SEAWARD DR
Beverly Kennedy 3240 SEAWARD DR
Beverly Regan 1800 S OCEAN BLVD UNIT 505
Beverly Bass Lewis 5555 N OCEAN BLVD APT 33
Beverly E Martinson 1900 S OCEAN DR UNIT 3-E
Beverly K Diamond 5555 N OCEAN BLVD #51
Beverly N Cohen 1800 S OCEAN BLVD APT 1303

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