Search Results for: City of Lauderdale By The Sea Homeowners

Sources:Broward County Property Appraiser
Department of Business and Professional Regulation
Florida Division of Corporations
Florida Department of Health
Name Corporate Mailing Address
Antonino Trstee Materia 1937 WINDWARD DR
Antonio Mancini 1481 S OCEAN BLVD 326B
Antonio Etal Bizzarro 6000 N OCEAN BLVD #11-G
Aphrodity Anastasiou 263 HIBISCUS AVE
Aram Kassabian 4627 BOUGAINVILLA DR #1A
Aram Kassabian 4627 BOUGAINVILLA DRIVE 1A
Aram Stephan Kassabian 4627 BOUGAINVILLA DR #1A
Ardis Joan Carlisle 5100 N OCEAN BLVD #1613
Ardythe E Flaaten 4629 POINCIANA ST UNIT 210
Arlean Damurjian 4228 EL MAR DR #203
Arlean Damurjian 4433 EL MAR DR
Arlene Goldman 1620 S OCEAN BLVD #10A
Arlene Koziara 3900 N OCEAN DR #PH 17D
Arlene Koziara 3900 N OCEAN DR #PH 17D
Arlene Ratner 4900 N OCEAN BLVD APT 1502
Arlene Siegel 2000 S OCEAN BLVD APT 4G
Arlene S Moses 5100 N OCEAN BLVD UNIT 1114
Armando Archila 5000 N OCEAN BLVD APT 703
Armin Lotz 5000 N OCEAN BLVD APT 1710
Arnold Jacobs 1620 S OCEAN BLVD APT 12A
Artemisia Mouskos 5100 N OCEAN BLVD APT 611
Arthur Dinick 1700 S OCEAN BLVD UNIT 10-B
Arthur Ruscica 2000 S OCEAN BLVD #8J
Arthur Watts 255 BOMBAY AVE
Arthur F Browning 1461 S OCEAN BLVD #308
Arthur J Jackson 1900 S OCEAN BLVD #8F
Arthur J Prchlik 2012 SAILFISH PL
Arthur L Mosher 3900 N OCEAN DR # 17E
Arthur O Trotta 1901 CORAL REEF DR
Arthur R Bennett 1481 S OCEAN BLVD #126
Arturo Manas 4900 N OCEAN BLVD #804
Arturo H/e Rubio 2000 S OCEAN DR #7
Asad Jadoon 4353 N OCEAN DR
Asad Jadoon 4353 N OCEAN DR
Asad Jadoon 4353 N OCEAN DR
Asad Jadoon 4353 N OCEAN DR
Asnette Primus 5555 N OCEAN BLVD # 22
Asnette Primus 5555 N OCEAN BLVD # 22
Atef M Jabbour 262 COMMERCIAL BLVD
Attillo M Cesario 4117 BOUGAINVILLA DR #513
Audrey Jones 5200 N OCEAN BLVD #305
Audrey Livingston 2121 S OCEAN BLVD #706
Audrey Macandrew 1967 S OCEAN BLVD 222-D
Audrey K Zanco 1750 S OCEAN BLVD #201E
Audrey Kline Silbert 5000 N OCEAN BLVD APT 802
Audrey S Lees 4638 POINCIANA ST
August Butler 4630 POINCIANA ST APT 1J
Aurelia Rasa 1960 COCO PALM PL
Avi-shalom Ben N Braverman 273 ALLENWOOD DR
Avtar S Sandhu 292 ALLENWOOD DR

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