Search Results for: City of Davie Homeowners

Sources:Broward County Property Appraiser
Department of Business and Professional Regulation
Florida Division of Corporations
Florida Department of Health
Name Corporate Mailing Address
Alan Posner 11651 SW 21ST PL
Alan Racko 10287 SW 22 PL
Alan Rosenblum 2250 DORADO AVE
Alan Rosenblum 2250 DORADO AVE
Alan Rosenblum 2250 DORADO AVE
Alan Seldal 2801 W ABIACA CIR
Alan Sherman 9610 ALCAZAR LANE
Alan Stein 9431 LIVE OAK PL APT 106
Alan Strauss 16211 CRANBERRY CT
Alan Strauss 16211 CRANBERRY CT
Alan Sussman 3654 E BELL DR
Alan Sussman 3654 E BELL DR
Alan Yared 5731 W WATERFORD DR
Alan A H/e Grant 15344 SW 51 MNR
Alan B Edwards 6304 SARATOGA CIR
Alan B Schroeder 5877 SW 54 CT
Alan Bruce Spivack 9510 SEA GRAPE DR #301
Alan D Danz 13012 SW 40 ST
Alan D Rooks 1881 SW 81 AVE
Alan D H/e Dunlap 9941 N ABIACA CIR
Alan Est Clevens 7351 SW 27 CT #45
Alan F Darnaby 6701 W WEDGEWOOD AVE
Alan F Troop 9401 OAK GROVE CIR
Alan G Cowen 13801 N GARDEN COVE CIR
Alan G Fein 843 SW 118 TER
Alan G Thomson 1141 SW 110 LANE #207
Alan H Konigsburg 3350 SW 134 TER
Alan J Appel 8321 SW 57TH ST
Alan J Fox 3562 W TREE TOPS CT
Alan J Grossman 4169 SW 85 AVE
Alan J Hollinger 15620 GAUNTLET HALL MNR
Alan J Holt 701 SW 134TH TER
Alan J Holz 10471 LONE STAR PL
Alan J Koplo 15145 SW 51 ST
Alan J O'farrill 15130 WINDBLUFF ST
Alan J O'farrill 15130 WINDBLUFF ST
Alan J Ottaviano 6421 W FALCONS LEA DR
Alan J Richter 2843 W ORCHARD CIR
Alan L Hills 4180 SW 106 TER
Alan L Levine 6140 SW 38 ST
Alan L Spradlin 12901 KAPOK LANE
Alan Le Potash 14744 VIA TIVOLI CT
Alan M Goodstein 2709 ARROWWOOD CT
Alan M Reich 1468 SW 99 TER
Alan M Richman 1152 SW 118 TER
Alan P Byrd 7021 SW 40TH CT
Alan P Duhr 2821 SW 87 AVE UNIT 809
Alan P Mckendry 8942 LAKE PARK CIR S
Alan P Wojtowicz 4222 SW 78 DR
Alan Perry Tr Arnett 4951 SW 34 PL

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