Search Results for: City of Cooper City Homeowners

Sources:Broward County Property Appraiser
Department of Business and Professional Regulation
Florida Division of Corporations
Florida Department of Health
Name Corporate Mailing Address
William D Jr Ratlieff 11527 SW 56 CT
William D Sr Trstee Ratlieff 5141 SW 120 AVE
William Deckard Rogers 3851 NW 94 AVE
William E Barkins 3740 OTTAWA LANE
William E Gille 10712 ZURICH ST
William E Lewis 5040 SW 117 WAY
William E Neilson 9873 SW 59TH ST
William Edward Jr David 9261 SW 56TH ST
William F Downey 5562 SW 112 TER
William F Pepe 8720 SW 56TH PL
William F Young 10428 SW 49TH PL
William F Jr Breedon 10771 N SARATOGA DR
William Frederick Dardeen 5716 SW 119 AVE
William G Burdt 3418 NW 87 AVE
William G Burdt 3418 NW 87 AVE
William G Harlan 11700 MELALEUCA WAY
William G Hull 5004 SW 105TH AVE
William G Munro 4809 SW 119 AVE
William G Iii Riley 11698 SW 50TH ST
William Gonzalez Cordero 9472 SW 50 CT
William H Biermann 5152 SW 104 AVE
William H Davis 5322 SW 103RD AVE
William H Figures 10700 PARIS ST
William H Ganz 8913 SW 49TH CT
William H Jaramillo 4910 SW 94 WAY
William H Johnston 5852 SW 88 TER
William H Sypher 5827 SW 117 TER
William H/e Cook 10357 SW 50 ST
William H/e Cundiff 11730 KIMMIE DR
William H/e Hanlon 9701 NW 26 CT
William J Cole 11510 S QUAYSIDE DR
William J Coutu 12328 SW 50 PL
William J Daragan 5214 SW 116 AVE
William J Erfurth 11255 ROUNDELAY ROAD
William J Hensel 5830 SW 87TH TER
William J Lane 11111 MINNEAPOLIS DR
William J Mchugh 11267 SW 59TH PL
William J Murchison 5367 SW 120TH AVE
William J Murphy 12651 COUNTRYSIDE TER
William J Roberson 4960 SW 91 TER
William J Smith 11931 SW 49 CT
William J Trevisano 2905 CARDINAL DR
William J Turner 5611 SW 113 AVE
William J Jr Evans 2633 BACCARAT DR
William J Jr Marsters 5205 SW 119 AVE
William J Jr Theiler 10200 SW 53 CT
William J Le Samela 3703 STARBOARD AVE
William James Etal Carlin 9001 SW 54 PL
William Jr Upegui 3175 NW 84 TER
William K Satinover 5520 SW 90 TER

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